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  • the-obstacle-is-the-way

The Obstacle is the Way w/ Ryan Holiday

Musicians face a ton of challenges, setbacks, and adversity in general.

We have others telling us to get a job. We tell ourselves to get a job at one point or another. There are people that […]

  • benji-rogers

Pledgemusic Can Help You Market and Sell to Your Fanbase

The internet is cluttered with musicians and having your music heard is tough, and it’s complicated many times when you try to sell and distribute your music. But then there are fan experiences and special […]

  • independent-artists-shannon-curtis

3 Reasons Why You Should Book a House Concert Tour w/ Shannon Curtis

3 Reasons Why You Should Book a House Concert Tour w/ Shannon Curtis
Shannon Curtis came as a recommendation for an interview from a listener of the show (you know you can always reach out to […]

  • music-tours-jen-woodhouse

Music Tours and How To Make a Profit From Them w/ Jen Woodhouse

How expensive was it to run your last tour? How expensive will it be to run the next one? Have you ever made a profit from your music tours or is it just breaking even?
Should […]

Latest Mini-Lessons

  • growing-your-fan-base-with-landing-pages

Growing Your Fanbase With Landing Pages

Do you feel stuck when it comes to what you should be doing specifically to grow your fanbase? If I had to answer that question, “What should I be doing specifically to grow my fanbase?” […]

  • fan-email-forms

Fan Email Signup Forms: The Best Places to Put It on Your Website

Think about writing lyrics for a second. How important is it to put the right words in the right places with the right inflection? Getting that right can be a huge part of what makes […]

  • 3-essential-non-music-skills-for-the-independent-artist

3 Essential Non-Music Skills for the Independent Artist

There was a time when no one was listening to this show. No one was a fan. No one cared. It was a struggled to get people to come to the website, listen to the […]

  • should-musicians-blog

Musician Blog, Should You Create One?

A musician blog. Is this something you need to worry about creating? Should any musician bother blogging?

I was on the phone a week ago with an artist that had written a few blog posts and […]

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