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Just to get it out of the way, I’ve been a huge Incubus fan since 2001 when I got a copy of Morning View. That’s why I’m beyond excited to have their former manager Steve Rennie on the show today to talk the music biz and his experiences managing Incubus.

He’s been in the music business for over 30 years and managed Incubus for 16 years before taking off on his own to educate independent musicians who want to work in the music business. AKA ‘Renman’, Steve has poured all this knowledge into an online training course called Renman U which we’ll cover in the interview.

Other things we’ll touch on include:

  • Key factors that made the band successful that were in their control and the ones that they had no control over
  • What it’s like working with Incubus
  • Unheard of stories about the band.
  • Steve’s recommendations for independent artists looking to make headway in the music business

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Check out Steve’s link

This is Steve’s main website where there is a ton of free info

Here is Steve’s training program RenmanU

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