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If you’ve been following Seeds of Music this far you’d know by now that one of the keys to creating a music career of longevity, really any career at all, is to diversify income.

Well one great source of income is through performing covers as a solo act or part of a cover band.

For those of you who are thinking about creating, joining, or are already in a cover band but want to make more income from it then this interview is for you.

Brad Lazarus is a long time music industry professional who has built his own management company -LM2 Entertainment- that specifically manages cover bands.

What’s going to help you is the website that he has created called GiggingSuccess that helps cover band musicians increase their bookings and get better fees (payouts, income, etc.)

So today I’m going to sit down with Brad via Skype and cover his background and how he ended up with LM2 and most importantly the common traits for successful cover bands.

Check out the interview and make sure to click the link I’m posting up below. You’ll get access to his free eBook called Cover Band Essentials which will get you started on the path to more gigs and better pay.

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