Hi. My name is Kyle

I’m the head honcho here at Seeds of Music (also referred to as SoM).

So what exactly is this all about?

Seeds of Music is an interview-based web show, podcast, resource, and community that I created because I believe that all musicians, including you, are capable of learning how to grow a bigger fan-base and make more music-based income.

You might be here for several different reasons.

  • Maybe it’s that you have been working a day job for years and have not gotten the traction you’d hoped for with your music.
  • Maybe people aren’t showing up to your shows and big labels aren’t knocking down doors to sign you.
  • Maybe you are trying to get this social media thing figured out while leaving you time to create music.
  • Maybe you feel like your music career is disorganized and lacking focus.

Maybe you just want to wake up, look in the mirror, and smile knowing that you are financially secure through music.

Either way you’ve invested time and sometimes money into getting this music career thing figured out.


And just to let you know, I’ve been there because I’m a musician too. I knew what was like to feel completely lost on how to create a successful career in music…that is until I created Seeds of Music.

Since the launch of SoM I have interviewed tons of musicians, marketers, and independent artists.

I’ve read piles of books and taken dozens of courses on marketing to figure out how to have success in this industry and still be true to the music.

After years of studying I came to one single conclusion.

Every single musician is capable of making a living. Period.

The truth is that we live in an unprecedented time in history where musicians have more power than ever before. You just don’t realize it yet.

I’ve learned that every musician’s dreams fall flat because they resist marketing themselves and having an organized business model that actually puts money in their pockets.

My goal is to help you realize your potential to build a strong fan-base, consistently make more money, and improve your quality of life and career.

All you really need is a computer, internet, music, and the right attitude. (Notice I didn’t mention money because a lot of the tactics and tools we talk about are free)

You are capable of taking control of your career and turning it into something you and everyone you love can be proud of.

If you’re interested in learning how you can start building a better music career, why not take the first step and see where it leads you?

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