Growing Your Fanbase With Landing Pages

Do you feel stuck when it comes to what you should be doing specifically to grow your fanbase? If I had to answer that question, “What should I be doing […]

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Fan Email Signup Forms: The Best Places to Put It on Your Website

Think about writing lyrics for a second. How important is it to put the right words in the right places with the right inflection? Getting that right can be a […]

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3 Essential Non-Music Skills for the Independent Artist

There was a time when no one was listening to this show. No one was a fan. No one cared. It was a struggled to get people to come to […]

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Musician Blog, Should You Create One?

A musician blog. Is this something you need to worry about creating? Should any musician bother blogging?

I was on the phone a week ago with an artist that had written […]

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