The truth is making money by playing music isn’t easy. The reason why is because the resources to do so are readily available to the masses to begin recording their own sound and getting people to listen.

So why is learning how to make a living by playing music still a challenge? Because of the white noise.

Everyone has the the resources, so it’s a crowded industry full of aspiring young musicians wanting to become entrepreneurs.

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If you’re trying to find the best practices and the newest strategies on how to make money with music and earn money doing what you’re most passionate about, then you’ll do well by taking in as much information with the interviews I provide here at seeds of music.

A great place to start is here:

Learn how to make your music come alive with using “Melody to Tell Stories with Cody Digerolamo“.

Discover how making money by playing music can lead you on a different path “Poeina Suddarth – Subdued Thrasher Bluegrass

The journey to learn how to make a living playing music is a long one. I’m still on it……

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